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Gently Smoked


Finely distilled vodka with a smoked rosemary finish


Pure and supple character with gentle notes of rosemary

adds delicacy without being predominant


Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule,  Lazy Red Cheeks


Scented Vodka

gently smoked

Aromatic Spirit




Vodka is known for its neutrality and versatility, making it the perfect base for a variety of cocktails. However, sometimes it can be a bit too neutral, lacking the depth and complexity that other spirits offer. But fear not, as vodka can be infused and transformed in numerous ways to elevate its flavor profile. One way to do this is by smoking it with rosemary which we did for this gently smoked scented vodka.

This is a unique and delicious way to add complexity and depth to an otherwise straightforward spirit. The process involves infusing the vodka with fresh rosemary and then smoking it with dry oak to impart a smoky flavor.

The smoking process adds a smoky and earthy quality to the vodka, which is perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness of rosemary. This results in a straightforward spirit that is both aromatic and flavorful.

The smoky flavor of rosemary infused vodka adds a depth of character to cocktails that is often missing in traditional vodka-based drinks. It pairs particularly well with bold flavors like tomato, citrus and ginger, making it a perfect addition to a Bloody Mary, a fruity cosmopolitan and a moscow mule.



5cl Gently Smoked

3cl Dry Curaçao

3cl Cranberry Juice

1.5cl Simple Syrup

1⁄2 Lime Juice

1⁄4 Lemon Juice


Moscow Mule


5cl Gently Smoked

1⁄2 Lime Juice
1.5cl Simple Syrup

Ginger Beer

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