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Bartender Series

While searching for an upright yet surprising spirit, our bartenders stumbled upon a serious challenge. A new idea came to life! The bartender series were made by and for    mixologists, not excluding all those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

No 1


Finely distilled herbal gin with thyme as ruler.


No 3

Dry Curaçao

Cognac and vieux agricole with a hint of grapefruit.

Boozehounds_TripleSec_product image.jpg

No 5

Seriously Dark

The finest navy rum straight from Guyana. Strong and sturdy, ready to weather the storm.

Boozehounds_BlackRum_product image.jpg

No 7

Dark 'n Smokey

A slightly peated balanced whiskey with a matured soul

and a sting.

Boozehounds_Whiskey_product image.jpg

No 9

L'Union Blanche

Jamaica and Réunion, allies beyond belief, united on neutral grounds.


No 2

Gently Smoked

Finely distilled vodka with a smoky rosemary finish.


No 4

Right Roots

A 7 years marriage between Guadeloupe & Panama re-aged on first fill European oak.

Boozehounds_AgedRum__product image.jpg

No 6


Black rum aged and spiced. Clove, cinnamon, cacao, with a hint of vanilla and orange.

Boozehounds_SailorSpiced_product image.jpg

No 8

Pareja Ambigua

A complicated love story between tequila and mezcal.


No 10

Bold as Brass

An old craft of spice and soul vigorously rejuvenated.

Boozehounds_BoldAsBrass_product image.jpg
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